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Referring Physicians

We accept all insurances.  


We prioritize patients that are sent to our clinic via a formal referral.  The referral forms can be found below.  


We have two referral forms: the first is a standard request for an evaluation in our office, the second is a "fast track" in which the referring provider can request a specific procedure to be performed.  In most situations, pre-authorization of procedures is required, and therefore an office visit is frequently necessary.

We will see patients on a first come, first serve basis.  

Our goal is to see all new patients within 5 business days, however, growth of our practice has recently resulted in longer waiting times.  Our staff that handle the scheduling of referrals are not health care professionals, and therefore are not trained to recognize the acuity of some presenting complaints.  Therefore, if an urgent evaluation is needed, a direct call from a referring physician to one of our providers can more easily allow for an expedited evaluation.


Any of our offices can be called to setup evaluations.  We do receive referral requests directly from the patient, but these requests are subject to approval from one of our physicians.  Please let our staff know where you live and we will set up your treatment at the clinic nearest you.


Download the Forms here:

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