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Questions & Answers


Q: For some time now I have neck pain cracking popping pain - in my upper neck My reg dr took xray said man you neck is a mess-- I did go have PT treatments 4 times which did make me more comfortable But was by no means a cure - I feel the need to crack my neck almost any time of day or night at times I feel light headed which I am sure is from this condition.

A:  Thanks for contacting the ISPM team for your pain needs. We see a lot of patients with the same condition and we feel we should be able to find the diagnosis and find the solution for you.

The Next step would be to see you in the office for office evaluation.  We are in network with your insurance company also and everything we do is FDA approved and goes through the insurance company. Please provide us with your number or call us at 801-262-7246.

Q: I have chronic headaches. I am never pain free...I wake up with pain and go to bed with pain. It is usually worse in the AM, and when I am tired, but the pain will fluctuate during the day from light pressure to constricting pressure to occasional stabbing pain.


I had a facet injection radio-frequency ablation (RFA) on my left neck in August 2019 in your Ogden office, but it didn't change my headache pattern. Is there some other treatment your office can offer that may help me?


While trying to find a solution I've had my eyes, teeth/jaw, ears, and sinus checked; allergy tests; visited 2 chiropractors; had an arterial ultra-sound, and no remedies have been found.

A: Treatment for headaches have come a long way in the last few years with more available options than ever.   Please schedule an office visit and we can discuss the options.

Q: Hello, my mother has not been able to taste or smell for almost 3 years. We believe she got COVID early on and then those senses never came back.


I have seen that people are using the stellate ganglion block to reset those senses. Is this correct? Would we be able to do a consultation and see if it could be a good fit for her? She has DMBA and Medicare insurance.

A: Thanks a lot for contacting ISPM for your needs.  Some preliminary research showed that stellate ganglion injection can help with "long hauler' symptoms of COVID including improving taste and smell symptoms.  

We have done quite a few of these injections in the last a few months with quite a bit of success.  First step should be to see your mother for an initial consultation to evaluate if she is a candidate for these injections.

We are in-network with DMBA and Medicare.  We can call you to set up that appointment.

Q: Light pain in right shoulder & neck

A: Different causes including muscles, nerve pain, need to be checked for sure by your PCP.

Q: It’s been 2 years since my delivery but my hip pain is still not gone. What should I do?

A: Need some imaging on hip. Sometimes, it can be simple muscle pain and need PT for that.

Q: What can cause left-sided chest pain while breathing?

A: Hello, causes can be increased acid production causing indigestion and cough and chest pain. It can be muscular as it's coming with heavy breathing. Those are the only 2 options i can think of.

Q: Do you do THC treatment?

A: Thanks a lot for contacting ISPM.  We don't do Medical marijuana cards unfortunately. We do other medications or injections for pain relief.

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