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Q: Light pain in right shoulder & neck

A: Different causes including muscles, nerve pain, need to be checked for sure by your PCP.

Q: It’s been 2 years since my delivery but my hip pain is still not gone. What should I do?

A: Need some imaging on hip. Sometimes, it can be simple muscle pain and need PT for that.

Q: What can cause left-sided chest pain while breathing?

A: Hello, causes can be increased acid production causing indigestion and cough and chest pain. It can be muscular as it's coming with heavy breathing. Those are the only 2 options i can think of.

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Stem Cell Therapy Injections use your body’s own healing mechanisms to regenerate tissues in injured areas to restore or establish normal function.


With Stem Cell Injections, we will precisely target the injured and affected area of the body to boost natural healing and regeneration, speeding recovery. 

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