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Devan Partridge, DO

Dr. Devan Partridge is a highly skilled and compassionate Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Physician based in Utah County. With offices conveniently located in Provo, Pleasant Grove, and Payson, he is easily accessible to patients in the area. Dr. Partridge's educational background includes an Integrated Studies Degree in Biology and Psychology from Dixie State University, which laid the foundation for his medical career. He then attended Rocky Vista University in Parker, Colorado for medical school. 


To further his expertise, Dr. Partridge completed a rigorous Anesthesiology Residency at the University of Kansas and an esteemed Interventional Pain Fellowship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Throughout his medical journey, he has contributed significantly to the field of pain management through his involvement in cutting-edge research. Notably, he co-authored updated guidelines for spinal cord stimulation procedures, developed enhanced surgical recovery protocols, and introduced innovative interventional techniques for treating chronic pain conditions. 


Dr. Partridge's unwavering commitment to his patients is evident through his personalized and evidence-based approach to pain management. He strives to provide comprehensive care that addresses each patient's unique needs, ensuring effective pain relief and improved quality of life.  


Originally hailing from Orem, Utah, Dr. Partridge grew up as the fifth child among ten siblings, fostering a lively and competitive spirit. This childhood experience ignited his lifelong passion for sports, exercise, and outdoor adventures. During his mission in the Philippines, he mastered the Filipino language, Tagalog. Today, Dr. Partridge cherishes quality time spent with his wife and four sons, and he continues to nurture his love for sports and exploration by immersing himself in different cultures through travel. 


Dr. Devan Partridge is not only a skilled physician but also a friendly and compassionate individual who goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being of his patients. Whether you require pain management or interventional procedures, you can trust Dr. Partridge to deliver exceptional care with a personal touch.

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